I honestly don’t even know where to begin as I write this post.  It was one year ago that I left my old life of hedge-funding, moved home with my parents, poured my life savings and heart into an exciting new venture – building a distillery in NYC!  One year ago today I was sitting on an old dirty warehouse that had no water, electric or gas and no distilling equipment.  Now there is a complete distillery equipped with a tasting room that exists at 23A Meadow Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Now there is a great first product on the market – Owney’s NYC Rum – that I am very proud of.  Now there is nothing before running a distillery.  Now there is no real separation between work and ‘life’.  The Noble Experiment NYC is my life.  Now there is a lot of excitement ahead for 2013.

I want to dedicate this post to you – you my family, you my friends, you my investors, you my general contractor, you complete strangers (bar tenders/owners/liquor store proprietors/bloggers) that have walked into my life this year, you the traditional media/journalists, you the followers on social media that I have yet to even meet!  Thank you all for every part you have played and continue to play in the development of this company.  Your continued support is so unbelievably refreshing and you are the reason that I have been able to pull off what I have this year.  One of the biggest take-aways from 2012 has been my utter amazement in the kindness of strangers.  Although the booze business can be quite cutthroat (and definitely a hustle!) it is really amazing to see first-hand how people want to support local, small business.  I know there is a long road ahead but I can take comfort in tackling the challenges knowing you’re there.

It is quite challenging and nearly impossible to describe the feelings I have towards this year and all that I have learned about myself and building a business from the ground up — I could rant for days but I won’t bore you, instead I raise my glass of Owney’s…

Here’s to YOU and to a HAPPY, HEALTHY & HURRICANE-FREE 2013!!!