At the turn of the 20th Century, and prior to “The Noble Experiment”, New York City was home to thousands of thriving distilleries.  When the National Prohibition Act was implemented in 1920, tens of thousands of illegal, and often homemade, stills used by both small and large bootleggers were believed to produce moonshine throughout the city.  Since the abolishment of the infamous act and failed experiment, the domestic small batch distilling industry of the US has been largely dormant due to prohibitive legislation.  The exorbitant legislation has provided the big, multinational corporations the opportunity to supply the market with product from overseas or continuously-distilled, large scale alternatives.

In 2011, Bridget C Firtle, with the aid of several supportive investors, established The Noble Experiment NYC to bring the timeless tradition of distilling back to New York City. The company aims to produce all natural, premium quality distilled spirits distinctive to New York City through the use of locally grown and harvested ingredients.  Small batch, hand-crafted spirits were once a thing of the past – our dream is to reinvent this industry once again alongside the continued growth and rebirth of the cocktail.

The Noble Experiment NYC will welcome visitors to the distillery once construction is complete this spring.  Please check “Tours, Tastings & Events” located in our blog for updates.  For additional information :

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Our Small Batch Distillation

Small batch distillation differs from large scale, continuous distillation in that it allows the distiller more flexibility and control in regards to inputs, temperatures and “cuts”.  Having control over head, heart and tail “cuts” from a distillation allows us to bottle the purest ethanol (yes, we drink ethanol!) leading to a cleaner spirit while discarding or re-distilling the remainder.

The Noble Experiment NYC employs hand crafted – grain-to-glass – production techniques all implemented by Bridget herself!  Our philosophy resides in that the finest, freshest ingredients lead to the finest distillates.  That means at The Noble Experiment NYC we source only the highest quality, organic molasses and grains grown by local, New York state farmers.  Additionally, The Noble Experiment NYC doesn’t use any coloring, flavoring, or other preservatives in its production.