So here we are in the final days of construction…where every minute feels like an hour haha.  The boiler installation is just about complete and today we received a new gas line from National Grid – this will increase the building’s overall service and give us enough natural gas to fuel our 1m+ BTU boiler.  We still need to finish some electric wiring, install a fresh air vent, install the bar sink, pressure test the glycol pipes and the gas line, CLEAN, and get inspected.  Goal is to finish that by mid-week next week.  The goal can easily be achieved if all the guys just show up for work which is proving to be a difficult accomplishment.  However, I will be optimistic — hope to be distilling by Thurs!

We’ve got our 2580 lbs of molasses, our nutrients, and our yeast all here patiently waiting to be cooked up!  Also we have received 200 sample bottles for our custom molds and our labels and stoppers should be delivered within the coming 2 weeks.  The final bottle shipment is scheduled for the last week of June when all 22,000 come!  Sneak peak of our look coming VERY soon…

So all very exciting stuff and still <<relatively>> on schedule for a product release by the end of June…stay tuned for next week’s excitement!

So close I can taste it…literally.