23 Meadow Pre-Construction 007 cropped


I arrived home this past Tuesday night from a one-on-one distillation consultation session in Chicago to find out Wednesday morning that our work permits have been approved!!!  After a lovely (sarcasm) couple of months (which has felt like years) going back and forth with the NYC Dept of Buildings – they are letting us move forward with the plans.  Apparently it’s not all that easy to open a distillery in the middle of New York City haha.  Thank you to our patient architects and let the construction games begin!

The goal is to be ready (or ready enough) to receive the majority of our equipment when it arrives on April 2 (only 18 days away, yikes!).  The majority of the job is plumbing (equipment installation/boiler/new bathroom) and cleaning – the warehouse is dusty and dirty right now but after some ceiling vacuuming, brick washing, and painting I’m confident it will look just perfect.  We also have to outfit the demised walls and equipment with electricity.  You can check out some pre-construction pics on our Facebook page.

Aside from that – I’m happy to announce we received our Federal Distillers Plant license at the end of February!  You can now proudly refer to The Noble Experiment NYC as DSP-NY-21001.  Now just waiting on the NYS Liquor Authority to grant our distillery license and for the Federal label licenses to be approved and we can turn the page on the majority of the licensing (for now).  We also finalized and ordered our own unique bottles which I’m hoping you will like as many hours were spent deliberating on them.  In order to secure the glass moulds we wanted, we had to order a massive number of bottles so hopefully they don’t take up a lot of space in the distillery for too long :)

Rum coming in 2+ months – Prepare for lots of mojitos, daiquiris, swizzles, punches and whatever other delicious concoctions we can create with our rum this summer.  Stay tuned.