23 Meadow Mid-Construction 019A

DSP-NY-21001 Gettin’ There

So we (DSP-NY-21001, our Federal Plant Permit #) have been at it for a few weeks now and we are making worthy progress.  The general contractor, Joe, is really one of the best decisions I have made thus far.  If I ever go to war I definitely want him (and the 10 guys he rolls with at all times) on my side.  He works fast and efficiently for a very reasonable price – and so far the work looks good.  All of the interior walls have been demised, including bathroom, office, partitions, and cinder block boiler room.  Each wall has been wired by our electrician, Garth aka Tyson (no clue why?), and furnished with switches and outlets.  Garth/Tyson has also begun installing some new light fixtures throughout the space.  Additionally, we have washed the bricks and created two windows for light in the back of the space and some viewing windows in the wall in front of the manufacturing area.  We have also installed 7 new steel doors and an ADT security system.

Remainder of Construction Check-List (ex-equipment installation):  upgrade gas line + install the boiler, install bathroom fixtures & bar sink, chop up concrete to create floor drains, finish frames and glass for windows, wash and seal the floors, paint, CLEAN, and attempt to furnish the tasting room.  Hopefully the next few weeks will be smooth (enough) sailing and we will be ready to install the still and additional equipment (which I had scheduled to arrive April 9th for good luck as it’s the day my mom and late grandfather were born..) by the first or second week of May.  The tasting room will most likely be a work in progress over the remainder of 2012 as we add details and make it welcoming.  I am trying not to lose sight in what our goals are – distilling hand-crafted, premium quality spirits.  Let’s push to get our product out there for tasting and trial and focus on the excessive details of the distillery later.

Aside from that, we continue to tackle the permitting processes. The company is still waiting on our state license which should arrive in the next few weeks — I and the investors (and their wives!) have basically given our first born to the state for identification purposes at this point.  However, on a positive note — just yesterday — our labels were approved by the TTB and we received our COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) – now waiting on our custom bottles to be produced and we will be good to go on packaging!

As “they” say – Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Alas, we keep moving forward.  In the meantime, I go watch the workers do their thing every day on Meadow St.  I’m totally getting used to manual labor on a male-dominated industrial zone in north Brooklyn.  It’s a long way from the offices of a hedge fund but the change is refreshing – from suit and desk to hard hat and fork lift.

56 days until summer.  Get ready for RUM.