How long is the tour?

Our distiller-hosted tours are 45ish minutes.

What do you cover on the tour?

Our distiller-hosted tours cover the history of rum distilling in NY, the story behind our distillery, and how our rum is made from raw ingredients thru final hand bottling.  It can get fairly geeky!

What does my ticket include?

A 45 minute in-depth, distiller-guided tour, a straight pour tasting of our rum and an after-tour cocktail.

What can I do on a self-guided tour?

If you purchase a drink during our Daq Shaq bar opening hours, you are free to check out our space on your own and read along to some short descriptions of the equipment + processes.

Must I register for a tour online or can I drop by?

We prefer you register via our website but we also can accept walk-ins, space permitting.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Can I bring someone who is under 21 even if they aren’t tasting/in a stroller/etc?

Very sorry.  We are strictly 21+ establishment. 

Do you refund already purchased tickets?

All ticket sales are final, although we can reschedule a previous booked tour if that helps!