I am a stalker.

Sorry it’s been a while since I have updated my blog.  I’ve had my hands full with a variety of things as I’m sure anyone could’ve guessed.  Mainly, I have spent the last couple of months building a good amount of Owney’s inventory and prepping for my strategy on how to launch it into the market.  I wanted to make sure that I had enough product to satisfy initial demand before I went out  introducing it to bartenders, restauranteurs, and liquor store proprietors.

For the past two weeks I have started to hit the streets.  Just me and my bottle.  I have discovered a new word to add to my overall job description: Stalker.  I’m slowly learning that being a good, NON-CREEPY stalker is a very important trait that adds to making someone a good salesperson.  Most people would find this negative description, however I find it quite positive and sort of amusing.  I live my days popping in and out of my targeted bars, restaurants, and liquor stores speaking with staff and trying to track down the person responsible for making spirits purchases.  The challenge is that I am in fact, one of the last people that special person wants to see — just another liquor rep trying to sell them something.  However, I am pretty resilient.  I can hustle.

After I call, email, and show up to “X” place enough times I eventually find someone with purchasing decisions to speak with.  Stalking takes time, but it works!  The amazing news is that once I do get in front of someone, they tend to seem delighted with the product, packaging, and shocked (sometimes horrified!) that I’ve been doing this alone.  I think a combination of all of these things has led people to start taking Owney’s on to their bars and shelves.  I am so so excited and grateful for their support.  It’s not easy to be one of the first establishments to take on a new brand and I am over the moon for that they have confidence in the product.

As of this week, we will be available at Bowery & Vine; Astor Wines & Spirits; Red, White, & Green Wine & Spirits; and Northside Discount Wines & Liquors.  Also check us out on the cocktail menu at The Blind Barber, and in the restaurant/bar at Marc Forgione, Brandy Library, Flatbush Farm & Bar(n), and the Vanderbilt.  So in case you’re in the market for some Owneys, you know where to go :)

Stay tuned for info about tours starting in November AND don’t forget to talk to your favorite bars, restaurants, and liquor stores about us!!