Office Crop

I have an office (and a bathroom)!!!

Been a while since I have blogged – ‘bout time for an update…Needless-to-say, the past month has been quite hectic.  The good news is the construction is almost completely finished.  We currently have most of the major equipment (including Cleo the still) set up within our new walls, windows, and doors.  Additionally, the bathroom is complete and fully functioning – huge (especially given my commute is about 45 mins each way from Rockaway to the distillery).  And…the most exciting part of today has been finishing the office set up – used my new power outlets to install my router/internet, phone + voicemail, printer, and fax.  <<Some of you will recognize that desk from my apartments in Montreal and my laptop from grad school – gotta sweat those assets>>  I’ll now be on Meadow St 100% of the time as I have all the necessary office equipment in place — You can now reach The Noble Experiment NYC via our landline at (718)381-3693 or fax at (718)381-3675  :)

So what’s left before we can start distilling?

1. the boiler.  It has been quite an interesting ride with that thing but hope to complete the installation by the end of this week/early next at the latest.   We need steam heat to do anything.

2. the glycol chiller. Tomorrow the guys are coming to connect the glycol chiller to some of the tanks so we can maintain certain temperatures throughout our process and chill filter our un-aged spirits for a cleaner product.

3. materials. Ingredients are in transit – should be here by week’s end.

So, realistically we should be distilling by the first week in June (as promised, we will be drinking lots of rum this summer.)!  The tasting room and tours will be a work in progress as we move through the summer and get into our groove – my contractor, Joe Gina (who’s the man), built a temporary bar in the tasting room and we will continue to improve the room over years as we (hopefully) have more disposable income.  Stay tuned for more info on that front.

In other news: our custom bottles are finished and look awesome!  The samples have arrived with a large shipment to follow in the coming weeks.  I’ll give a sneak peak once the labels are printed.

There is sure to be lots of excitement over the next month and I will make it a point to be better about blogging!