Fork Lift 2.0


As we paddle through the muddy waters of construction – I figure it is a good time for an update…

The past couple of weeks have been exciting and stressful as managing different crews and scheduling contractors around architects around plumbers around deliveries around electricians is quite the full time job in itself.   <<Not to mention finding solutions for all of the cost overruns that keep popping up all over the place>>  However, it is really amazing to see the space coming into its own and the vision manifesting into a reality – Needless to say, I am VERY EXCITED TO GET THROUGH THE NEXT FEW WEEKS :)

Yesterday the fork lift arrived which was interesting given it was loaded to a 60 ft tractor trailer that had to back into our loading dock from the one-lane Meadow St.  Thankfully, some of the guys working inside helped me hold down the block, move cars and block traffic and we were successfully able to get the truck off the flatbed and into the warehouse – where there’s a will there’s a way!  It’s funny to see situations like these in action – the guys who work in these trades just look at me and say “how the hell did you get into this project?” — for example, yesterday the driver who delivered the truck went to give a tutorial on how to use it to one of the contractor’s workers thinking he was to be driving it around, when I interrupted and said “show me I’ll be using it” he was quite surprised…haha all in a day’s work!

In other news – Cleo the Still has officially cleared customs here in the US and is currently at the NY Port waiting to be delivered this coming Monday afternoon!!!  She will be accompanied by a container full of additional equipment which includes most of the major set-up for the distillery space.  For now, we will just store the pallets safely until we are 100% ready to install within the next couple of weeks.  The goal is to have all construction and installation complete by the beginning of May so we can launch our rum just in time for some summer fun!!

After all of this heavy lifting is complete (plus NYS Liquor Authority license approval and TTB COLA label approval), we will be super excited to release the “look” of our bottles complete with unique label design.  We truly hope you all will love the presentation as much as what is inside (which I promise will be a unique, delicious spirit)!

To those of you celebrating holidays this weekend – hope they are delightful — Please stay tuned next week for the arrival of baby Cleo!!