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It’s been a very exciting and strenuous few days here on Meadow Street.  As I announced the other day, we have started distilling rum!  Although I have been studying the science and mechanics behind this process and practicing at other distilleries, there is still a nice little learning curve when it comes to running your own show (I have to give many thanks to my lil’ sis who has spent a lot of her vacation time this August helping me get in a grove!).  Whether there was a screw loose in the still sending leaking water (or projecting hot mash all over the place, including on my hands – ouch!) or the pump on the boiler not being piped in correctly causing a little flood in the boiler room we seem to be discovering the little mistakes/oversights that have been made throughout the construction process.  (side note : it is really ironic that the city makes you jump through hoops to get your boiler approved – which I am OK with since they are dangerous, especially given the size of ours – HOWEVER, they never actually turn the thing on!  So I’m glad that we have passed 752 inspections for approval and then it malfunctions once we turn it on).  Thankfully, each day is getting easier and easier and I am quickly developing solutions and routines to all the little bumps in the road!

After a couple of runs on the still we have collected some pretty tasty spirit so far!  Tomorrow I will start bottling the first couple of batches with the goal of shipping 1-2 pallets to our warehouse early next week.  Then it’s time to balance manufacturing with sales.  I’m planning to literally go door to door hand selling the product.  It’s going to take some time to develop and nurture lasting relationships with the trade.  However, I’m hoping to quickly find a healthy balance between being in and out of the distillery –  since of course selling the rum is just as important as making it taste delicious :)

Each night I go home later than the rest and I’m more exhausted than the night before but it’s really a great feeling.  I am so happy to be making things and working as hard as I can to ensure the success of this ‘experiment’.  “Blood. Sweat. And Tears.” has a whole new meaning these days and I look forward to continuing to find solutions to the 100% guaranteed challenges that lie ahead…

I am going to post some new, finished shots of the distillery (manufacturing area) on our Facebook page now – stay tuned for a picture of the bottle and tasting room tomorrow!   HAPPY NATIONAL RUM DAY!